4 comments on “Meeting Coming Up!

  1. Terry
    I am sorry I am “out of the loop” in regards to what is being submitted to the salon this month because we missed last month. Is it posted somewhere and I did not see it? Is the assignment still snow/winter photos or have we moved on to something different? I have researched more about putting photos into the right 1024 format in Aperture, so I am anxious to try to send you some photos to see if it works this time. Hope to see you March 6th. Sensor cleaning is way too scary for me. I’d leave it to the pros also.

    • Sue -the Special Assignment is still ‘ice & snow’ this next meeting. If you click on the ‘competition’ tab and then ‘monthly salon’ you will find how to submit images. See you March 6th!

  2. Thanks Mike
    I surely needed to be reminded how to access this information. Enjoyed the geometry article.

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