Looking Forward to February

It was gratifying to see such a great turnout for John Pennoyer’s presentation on winter photography on the 20th. More of John’s work can be seen at his web site, and here you can check out the wide variety of classes he teaches at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. John even showed all the details of how he dresses for the cold weather. For a slightly different take on how to dress, John Gregor has a video, “Fashion Tips for Winter Photographers”.

Two February Meetings!

At the February 3 meeting Missy Sparrow Lien from the DNR will give a short presentation that is pertinent to our 2016 club project. Lori Moilanen, the project manager, has added more information to the project page and the Phipps has approved of an exhibit in the entrance that will be shown from September 15 to October 22, 2017.

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Sports Photography at U.S. Figure Skating Championships

I recently attended a sports photography class sponsored by National Camera Exchange.  We were given access to the U.S. Figure Skating Championship at the Xcel Energy Center.  The evening started with classroom instruction by Carlos Gonzalez, a sports photographer for the Star Tribune.  He showed many of his best sports images (many of which are found here on his website gallery) and he shared some of his techniques.

Later, we ventured into the arena.  Only credentialed photographers were permitted to shoot, so it was a privilege to have this opportunity to shoot a national sporting event.  We had two designated shooting positions.  One was at ice level, right behind the official photographers and next to the skating judges. IMG_9337

The lighting in the Xcel Energy Center is excellent, but in order to freeze the action with at least 1/640th shutter, I needed a 2.8 aperture and ISO around 800 to 1000.  I also custom set the white balance, using the ice as my grey card.IMG_1778

The athletes move quickly.  I put the camera in servo mode and activated a group of 5 focal points. Despite the great technology, I still found it hard to keep the focus points on the skaters’ faces. The pro sitting in front of me appeared to nail the focus every time!  Continue reading »

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Upcoming Meeting and Just for Fun

JP Cropped SmallThis Wednesday night, John Pennoyer will give a presentation, “Winter Light – Winter Photography”. This will cover all aspects of winter photography and will include staying comfortable in cold weather. I am hoping he can tell me how to keep my fingers warm. Having set an assignment for February that includes winter photography, I thought I should get out there myself. I prodded Bryan Leonard into meeting me at Birkmose Park last Tuesday night to get a shot of the crescent moon. It was -2°, not including the wind chill, and after experiencing difficulty operating the camera with gloves and mittens, I worked bare-handed until I had to quit.  It didn’t take long!

Just for Fun – Making Snow

While prowling the internet, I’ve found a couple of tutorials over the years on how to add falling snow to a photograph. For some reason that appealed to me more than going shooting in sub-zero weather. In the warmer environment of my little office/studio I gave one a try. There are a lot of steps, but they are clearly illustrated, and I liked the outcome.  Snow tutorial link  Here is a before and after.

Legeros Sculpture

Sculpture – Before

Legeros Sculpture with Snow

Sculpture with Falling Snow

Interclub Competition

One of the benefits of our club’s membership in the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs is it annual competition for individuals who are members of a member club. There are five categories including Contemporary (or creative), Nature, Realistic, Color Prints and Mono Prints. The deadline for entry is January 30, 5 pm, and more details are here . If you have any questions, use our contact form and I’ll help.

See you soon!

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January Meetings & Reminders

At the regular January meeting Art Juchno shared a time-lapse video, “SkyScapes”, created from several sequences of cloud movements he took last year. It is enthralling to see what your eye misses in real time. I have experimented with this before and Art has renewed my interest in doing more.

Art’s time-lapse advice:

  • Use a sturdy tripod
  • Test your intervalometer before you need it and again just before you start shooting a sequence.
  • Use manual mode, setting the exposure, ISO, white balance and aperture. Also use manual focus.
  • The time between frames determines the speed; the more time between frames, the faster the animation.
  • Polarizing filters make skies more dramatic.
  • Import all frames into Lightroom. If you need to adjust one frame you need to make the same adjustment to all. This can be done by syncing the develop settings to all the frames.
  • Art uses Sony Vegas to create the video, and since it does not accept the Raw format, all the frames need to be exported as jpg’s. Several sequences can be added and re-ordered for the video. A soundtrack can be added, but be aware of copyright issues when posting to the web.
  • When rendering the video, create it with the proper codec as required by YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Mpeg4, .Mov, Mpeg2, AVI and H.264 are some of the common codecs.

Coming Up – John Pennoyer

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Happy 2016!

It’s time for those New Year’s resolutions and besides my wanting to lose the weight I gained over the holidays I will include a photographic goal for 2016.  It will be hard to decide since there is so much I want to accomplish!  When I did this a couple of years ago the promise I made to myself helped me stay focused and on task. At our November meeting we saw some awesome accomplishments made by our members and the presentations they gave were some of the best of the year. Please let me know what your photography goal for the year will be by completing the contact form.

December Happenings

Help-Portrait TrioOn December 5, Betty Bryan, Naomi Belisle and I spent the day at the Help-Portrait event in Eau Claire.   278 people were photographed and 1668 prints were distributed all in one day. There was a 45 minute break when a little girl tripped the fire alarm and we all had to go outside and wait for the fire department.   Naomi helped pass the time by organizing a sing-along of Christmas carols. The three of us came home happy to have contributed.

Party by Art Juchno Smaller

“Watching the awards show” by Art Juchno

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‘Tis the Season

Licking My Chops

Photo by Melissa Anderson

Brrrrrh! I admit I don’t venture out that much when the temperatures dip below my comfort zone. Every winter I make a new resolution to capture the beauty of winter. This year I’ll have extra incentive from the speaker at the special mid-month meeting on January 20th.   John Pennoyer will give a presentation, “Winter Light; Winter Photography”. John will tell us that “there is no reason to put your camera away when the snow starts flying.” Winter is one of John’s favorite seasons to photograph. In this session he will discuss all aspects of winter photography, from correct exposure for the winter landscape to keeping your camera operating in cold weather and keeping yourself as comfortable as possible when the thermometer falls into the red zone!

‘Tis the Season will also be the topic for the January discussion salon and for the February competition salon. Photos that depict winter scenes or holiday scenes will qualify. Here are all the topic/assignments for 2016.


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November Meeting Summary and Lots More

The first order of business was to hold elections of officers for 2016. I was elected to another term as president and Mike Waterman as Salon Coordinator, also for a second year. Betty Bryan was elected as Treasurer, replacing Kathy Lauerer, who took good care of our finances for many years.

Competition Salon

The November judged salon concludes our monthly competitions for the year and Mike has been busy working with our year end judge. The gallery of the November salon images includes those that are considered accepted for year end, having scored eight or more points. You can see all those inspiring works here.

2015 Member Goals

The highlight of the evening were the presentations given by our members on their achievements this year with goals they had set at the beginning of the year. Thanks and congratulations to Michael Huber, Ted Johnston, Bryan Leonard, Ken Krautbauer Lori Moilanen and Marge Springett. It was awesome! Continue reading »

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November Meeting Coming Up!

We will have a short business meeting with elections for club officers. I am willing to continue as president another year and Michael Waterman has agreed to continue as the Salon Coordinator. Kathy Lauerer, after many years of service as our Treasurer, will be handing the checkbook over to Betty Bryan. Thanks so much, Kathy! (All of this will happen if the members agree.)

Judged Salon

We will also have the final judged competition salon. I still learn new things from the judges we have had and have been inspired by the images submitted by so many talented members our club. All images receiving a score of eight or more this year will be sent to a judge to determine the annual club awards that will be announced at our year end celebration on December 16. This will be held at a member’s home and invitations will be sent by email.

Member Goals

06 Red Dress-Michael Huber


This is the part of the meeting that I am really excited about seeing. Short presentations will be given by members who worked on a photographic goal for 2015. These diverse goals include photographing the sky with a camera connected to a telescope (Bryan Leonard), portrait photography with a focus on posing (Ted Johnston), wildlife photos in Namekagon Barrens (Marge Springett), creative environmental portraits of his daughter (Michael Huber), the creation of a technically sound and artistic bird portfolio (Lori Moilanen), a time-lapse video of clouds in Hudson (Art Juchno), and Ken Krautbauer will show images from his “At My Feet” series.

See you Wednesday night, 6:30 pm!


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Storage, backup and the “Cloud”


Assortment of Drives

In the mid-month meeting for October I will cover
what the photographer needs to know about choosing from among the different storage options for primary storage, backup and archiving.

If you are confused about hard drives, SSD drives, external drives, NAS, SAN, RAID, and “the cloud” (among others), come join me for what I hope will be an informative presentation. Continue reading »

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October Is Off to a Great Start

Crex Group Web

Photo by Art Juchno

Our month began on October 3 with a huge turnout at Crex Meadows.Our thanks go to Marge Springett for organizing this and acting as quide. Thanks for the photo of the group, Art!  If you have photos to share, send them to photos@wiphotoclub.com and I’ll put up a gallery.

At our regular meeting on October 7, Michael Waterman gave an information-packed tutorial on “Sports Photography”. I gave a short report on the N4C Convention that I attended in Omaha in September. There I learned that Michael Huber was given an Honorable Mention in their end of year “Best of the Best” for his creative image, ‘Basket Ballin’. Our club was also awarded third place for our web site.

Creative 2nd Place - Basket Ballin - Michael Huber

Michael Huber’s award winning photo

3rd Place Green Web

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